samedi 22 juin 2013

The most amazing Pokédex app on the market! This app allows you to view details of all the currently known 643 Pokémon and will be updated as a new pokémon is discovered.
For each pokemon, the app shows you the following informations (most of these informations are offline as shown below) :
* Pokemon image (online)
* Name origin (offline)
* Breeding (offline)
* Training (offline)
* Pokedex Data (offline)
* Type of defense (offline)
* Stats (offline)
* Pokedex description (offline)
* Evolution chart (offline)
* Moves (online)
* Sprites (offline)
* Where to find (offline)
* Pokeathlon stats (offline)
Also, you can share pokemon using Mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
The app provides also the bookmarking feature.
Exclusively on this app, you can look for your pokemon by the following criteria :
* Type
* Color
* Generation
* Weight
* Height
* Final Evolution

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